Nature wall hanging

I admit it, I do. I love walking through the woods, smelling the pine needles, listening to the birds....
yes, I am a nature lover.

So I knew I wanted to make some nature themed wall art with Fall leaves with the Paper Quilt from Arnold Grummer, but Fall is not getting here fast enough for me so I made this wall hanging from a white Mulberry tree instead. I did cut the squares from the kit down into a rectangle shape just slightly smaller than the sheets of paper that you create by using the medium Dip Handmold, that way the deckled edges would have plenty of room to hang off the edge without the sturdy white chipboard backing showing. Each sheet of handmade Mulberry paper was attached to the chipboard with Helmars Craft & Hobby PVA glue, which is a great glue for adhering delicate paper because it doesn't seep through the paper.

The entire wall hanging (excluding the beads, grommets and the velvet thread) came from a white Mulberry tree. The hanger is a branch that was stripped of it's bark to make the paper. 

The top piece of paper has the most Cotton Linter paper added to it. Although I didn't measure (rarely do that ya know) I would guess its 3 parts Linter paper to a pinch of Mulberry pulp. 

The middle paper piece is, more or less, 2 parts Linter paper and 1 part Mulberry pulp. ( Again, just guessing here ) I also used the Microfleur to press one of the Mulberry tree leaves in the microwave for 30 seconds and then adhered it to the paper with some DecoArt Soft Varnish.

The last leaf of paper is pure Mulberry. I could have chosen to not use the outer bark too, but I like the brown flecks and texture throughout the paper.

I have discovered another paper making friend through Face Book, Stefanie of Oakmother's Handmade Paper, and as luck has it, she actually lives right down the street from me! It's so awesome to have a friend close by who understands the obsession of paper making. She invited me over to make mulberry paper with her and I made a short slide show of how we made the mulberry paper if you are interested. The process is a little more involved but very meditative and relaxing.

Take a quiet walk 
with Mother Nature.
It will nurture your
mind, body, and soul.

by A.D. Williams


  1. Did not know you could do this! Thanks for the great instructions!!

  2. awesome details here.. not sure if I have the courage or know how to try it.. but you gooo girl.. this looks awesome!!

  3. Hi Sandi - can you tell me what burner you are using? It looks like a great one with the double rows of ports... Does it give a nice blue flame? Mimi

    1. That's my friends that she uses while they are camping. I'll ask her and let you know.

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  5. Love your wall hanging Sandee. That paper is so textured makes you want to be able to touch it. Thanks for the fabulous tutorial.

  6. I love that you actually used part of a tree to make your paper, how cool is that! I love your wall hanging.

  7. GREAT project! I have the perfect place to hang one of these.
    Love and light,


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