Feeling Squirrelly

nutty; resembling a squirrel looking for nuts

It comes as no surprise to my friends that I would make "squirrel art" since a lot of my pictures I post on Face Book are of my squirrel buddies that come to my back door looking for a handout. They give me so much pleasure and I enjoy watching them so much that they inspired this piece...

Here is one of my regulars, some of them are very tame and rather sweet.

Although sometimes they look rather frantic when I dare to leave the house, and I come back to this...

I made a short video making the wall art using a Chipboard Photo Frame set and the Microfleur Flower Press from Arnold Grummer. I hope you enjoy watching it and please subscribe to the Arnold Grummer Youtube channel for more inspiration!

Life is about creating yourself.


  1. Cute, I love the little squirrel. Great job once again Sandee.

  2. I just love your spirit and immense talent! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us mere mortals!

  3. Those squirrels are so cute. I love that one peering through at you so made me lol.. What a great tutorial full of information thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so cute!! You just have to love the squirrels when they wait for you to come home!

  5. Very awesome, although i think you now need a stamp or diecut or cast.. showing... that lil critter on the patio door's expression .. lolol

  6. Sandy, I really loved your video. I love texture, so I loved when you flipped the paper over and I saw the 'back' side. Yummy! This piece is adorable and reflects your true love of nature. I enjoyed seeing so much of you in this piece!


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