Hello, it is I Ann from AnnMakes and the Arnold Grummer Paper Making Design Team.  I am a lover of the handmade and all things paper.  I am also a cat lover.  Well, I have managed to make , what I think is the cutest pocket size note booklet (new word :)).

By recycling some of my county's notices about Spring Street cleaning and new bylaws I made this sweet little booklet that can be easily slipped into one's pocket, one's pocket book, and even into a pocket of a Pocket Letter! (Here is a link to what PL's are)

These are fun, fast, and free to make.  Here is how I make mine.

1. View and follow instructions on how to make handmade paper the Arnold Grummer, tried and tested way. (Click here for link)

2.  Gather some junk mail and make two sheets of paper.

3.  Cut one sheet in half to make the cover.  If you want to make a notebook that will fit into a pocket letter page protector you will need to make sure that your finished notebook measure just under 2.5 " x 3.75".

4. Cut the second sheet in half and trim to fit inside the cover.

5. Score and fold each sheet of paper.  Stack the two sheets for the pages on top of the inside cover piece.

6.  Stitch down the centre scored line.

Note:  When I made this particular cover I added an image of a kitten in the bottom right hand corner of the sheet of paper I was making for the cover.  I added the image into the wet pulp during the paper making process.

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  1. Wonderful, I love cats too! One question about using the machine to stitch, I'm afraid mine would just make it perforated and likely to come apart at the stitching line. Any suggestions?

    1. Greetings Barbara,
      Set your sewing machine to it's longest stitch and a "fine" needle.
      Love and light,

  2. I think this is awesome.. I love notebooks.. although most of mine turn into doodle or art journals!

  3. Greetings,
    YEA! For cat lovers and fun projects.
    Love and light,


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