52 Acts of Kindness...with Tamiko

Hi there folks.  Tamiko here with my Deck 52 album.   I have been wanting to use this album ever since I got it.  As a mixed media artist I have seen people do 52 prompts to motivate them create.  One prompt per card or you can add your favorite quotes on the cards.  I would use mine to list 52 Acts of Kindness.  Everyday I look, listen and read at an abundance of things that capture my heart and make me feel warm and fuzzy.  While I am not an actually memory keeper by way of scrapbooking.  I do collect my own versions of things that make people smile that I choose to remember.   When I am able I CHOOSE to be KIND and redeliver those warm and fuzzy moments.  This mini fan book is perfect for recording those precious memories in for me.. and maybe for you.. ::smiles::

Create your favorite papers with any of the Arnold Grummer Paper Mill Kits with the directions found here.  You will need 2 sheets of paper. to decorate your covers for the outside and inside portions of the 52 Mini Fan Book.    Since the pages are 2.5 x3.5 in. (also equiv. to the size of an ATC) I cut my papers at 3.5x4.5 in. to give me a 1 inch border. I marked off where  the holes were on all papers.  Helmar's Craft & Hobby PVA Glue was used to adhere the papers to the chipboard, I cut off the corners so they wouldn't be too bulky and tugged each side gently to fold over the edges of the board.  Once that was done I cut 2 pieces 2.5 x3.5 in. to be the insides of the cover pages and give it a clean and finished look.  I did replace the removable post with a jumpring so Icould add dangles and ribbons to it along the way.  ::smiles::

I took the actual pages and I did quick color wash technique to add color to the backgrounds.
You do that by taking any kinds or spray inks or mists that you have or can make,  You squirt a few colors  and water on your craft mat, that won't give you BROWN, unless that's what you want.  Then you quickly smack the paper down and drag it through the mixture.  You don't have to use a lot.  I actually used my Dylusions sprays and I only own three colors.  I used two at a time with water and got some amazing backgrounds in less then 30 minutes worth of work.  Now I can record some of those memories.  Hopefully to give back those same warm and fuzzy moments.  I embelished the front cover with flowers and trims from my stash.

While I hope to do more than 52 Acts of Kindness, this book is a great way to get the ball rolling.. Might even be good for school aged children and scouts and church groups, in my opinion.  ::smiles:: I hope you enjoyed my short tutorial and photo of my mini fan book that you can buy from the store here along with some other yummie goodies!!

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  1. I'm not a scrapbooker either, but I could enjoy doing this. Its lovely, Tamiko!

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  3. I am sure you will enjoy using this to keep your wonderful memories in. Will be a treasure.

  4. What a wonderful idea. Awesome cover.

  5. I love this idea . Love the cover .

  6. Love how you choose to do random acts of kindness! Your mini fan book is perfect!!

  7. I think that is an awesome idea!!. You could even keep one by your bedside to jot down what your day was like at night. Kind of like a mini diary. Beautiful cover also.

  8. Greetings,
    Lovely project and the "random acts of kindness" is such a great idea.....we need more of! Thank you for sharing.
    Love and light,

  9. I love this Tamiko. You did an awesome job as always. :)
    Going to try my hand when I get caught up.


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