Floral Greeting Card

We're had several 80° days here, so I think it's safe to say that spring is leaving us and summer is here!! Our flowers are just beginning to bloom, and so is the greeting card that I made using my own handmade papers and dried botanicals.

The paper was made following the basic instructions for making handmade papers. I used tissue tints and red angel wing dried botanicals to achieve the coloring in the pink mat. Before adding the angel wings to the pulp, I crumbled two petals into very fine pieces—almost dust. I dry embossed the paper for added texture.

Next, I used a die to cut white blossoms and green stems from scraps of handmade paper that I had left from other projects. I never toss even the tiniest scrap of handmade paper. Even if the piece is too small to use in a project, it can always be recycled into paper pulp.

Then, I die cut a flower from a dried leaf to layer on top of paper die cut flower. This is the darker flower. The lighter flowers are dried blossoms. I dried both the blossoms and leaves last summer using the Arnold Grummer's Garden Press. I'm looking forward to pressing and drying more flowers and leaves this year.

I inked the edge of the handmade paper flower that is layered under the darker flower, but left the handmade paper layers of the lighter flowers its natural color. I used PPA to collage the blossoms and leaf/flower in place, and to add the prills for the flower centers.

This is my finished card.

Now would be a great time to use this 20% discount coupon to order a Garden Press so you can enjoy drying and pressing botanicals for your projects.



  1. Very pretty and oh so creative!

  2. how pretty, great way to use those flowers from our gardens.

  3. Love the flowers and card. I have some in my press and can't wait to see what fabulousness can be created! Thnx for the inspiration!!

  4. Greetings,
    Lovely project.
    Love and light,

  5. Lovely card using the pressed flowers!!


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