Creating Memories Using Handmade Paper and Books

Memories are a very important thing to hold onto for every person.  I will be collecting some very special memories through photos this summer and wanted a nice book to keep them in so I created this book using a sheet of handmade paper.  This would also make a great book for any mom to keep her Mother's Day memories in, too.  
I wanted to add a lot of color to the first sheet so I made 2 bowls of pulp and used a ladle to pour each color into the deckle in various spots.  If you see spots where one color is more dominant and you don't want that just add some of the second color into that spot.  Make sure you have enough pulp in the deckle to create a full sheet of paper.  

This is what the sheet looks like before it is finished off using the basic instructions.  Isn't the color of it gorgeous?  Since I will be using this book this summer, I wanted it to be bright colors so I used scraps of leftover card stock that I had from other projects.  I made a second sheet of paper for the back cover of the book from just the yellow pulp.  

I dried the sheet by laying it flat between layers of paper towels and a stack of books.  You can, also, dry it quickly with a warm iron.  Once it was dried I laid the book pieces from the Make Your Own Book kit onto the paper and scored around them.  This will make crisp fold lines which helps to fold the paper over the pieces.  The sheets of newly made paper were then adhered with glue to the front and back covers and the book was assembled according to the directions and the embellishments were added to finish it off. 
Photos and written memories can now be added to the pages to create a very special keepsake.  
Create one of these books for Mom and keep one for yourself so that you both can share the memories you have.  Get started by using the coupon code on the website: 20Four to save on all of your supplies needed to make your books today! 
Happy Papermaking Everyone!


  1. very gorgeous colors you made for this lovely book!!

  2. Greetings,
    Love the colors!
    Love and light,


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