Time for Fall the Mixed Media Way

It's hard to believe this year is more than half over and fall is not that far away.  I am happy it is, though, as it is my favorite season with winter a close second.  I'm always excited to start creating and decorating for the fall and one of my favorite things to create are pumpkins. 
This year, I took my pumpkin making a step further and turned it into this mixed media project.  What better mixed media is there than handmade paper, wire and things from nature?  These little pumpkins are easy to make and are perfect for decorating. 
Start by making several orange sheets of paper and one or two (it's always nice to have extras on hand) green sheets using one of the Papermill Kits and the basic instructions.  You will need enough orange paper to cut 12- 3" or 4" circles.  Once the paper has dried and you've cut the circles ink the edges and fold each one in half and start attaching them together using a tape runner.  After you have taped them all, fold them so the stack is laying flat and trim off a small portion of the bottom so the pumpkin will sit.  Close the pumpkin up adhering it closed with the tape.  Punch or die cut the leaves and add the stem from a piece of dried tree branch using a glue.  Attach the leaves to it also using the glue.  Twist a couple of pieces of wire and add them to the center of the pumpkin. 
The texture of the handmade paper adds a great look to the pumpkin.  Don't blend the paper as much to leave some of the strips in small chunks so there are bumps in the paper just like you would find on a pumpkin!  Create different colors and hues by adding some of the Tissue Tints to the paper. 
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