Fall Gift Giving

We often think of fall by the colorful leaves, pumpkins and cooler temperatures, but what about things of fall like weddings or get togethers where a gift is needed ?  We often find ourselves in a busier schedule this time of year and when we are invited to a special event we don't think about a gift or a box to put it in.  This fall box is the perfect addition to that special gift for those occasion. 

This box was created using all handmade paper and dyed lace.  One of the Papermill Kits was used to create 5 sheets of paper.  The paper for leaves were scraps of cardstock that were left from crafting that were placed in a blender and turned into new sheets of paper.  Once they were dry, a fall leaf punch was used to create the leaves.  Scraps of white cardstock were used to create the sheets for the box, but instead of using 2 cups of plain water according to the instructions included in the kit 1/2 cups of warm tea and 1 1/2 cups of water were placed in the blender with the white cardstock to create each sheet of paper.  They were then allowed to dry and a 7 1/2' square was cut from the first sheet.  It was then scored at 2" all the way around and adhered closed.  The second sheet was cut at 5 5/8" squared and scored at 1" all the way around and assembled, as well.  The lace was also tea dyed and glued around the edge of the lid to finish off the box. 

This little handmade paper box makes the perfect gift in itself.  Use it for giving to someone or as a an addition to your fall decorating.  No matter how it's used the fun of making the paper is the best part of it.

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