I recently learned about Etegami postcards which is a Japanese tradition of simple painting on a rice paper postcard. I loved the idea so decided to try it on handmade paper. I received a box which had this wonderful creamy packing paper. Of course, I turned it into my own paper using  the Pour Handmold

Medium Pour Handmold

Since I am thinking of mailing these cards, I gave each  piece of paper a layer of Mod Podge on  both the front and the back. I wanted to use watercolors even though I was not sure if this would work.

I sketched out simple designs and added the paints. Sometimes it soaked in and others it just pooled on top. I dabbed some off or added more until I was happy with the finished look. I used a black pen to outline and stamped a sentiment. I love the finished look and look forward to sending these out! Once addressed, I will probably seal the cards again to protect them in case they get wet.

I hope you are inspired to make your own paper for cards or postcards!

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  1. I love learning something new! I will look up the art of Etegami! How fun! I still want that calendar too, lol

  2. Glad to learn about it too! Pretty postcards!

  3. Lovely project!
    Love and light,

  4. I too use the paper that comes in my packages LOL LOVE your post cards anyone would love to receive these!!


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