Quick and Easy Christmas Cards by Linda Hess

I can hardly believe how quickly the holiday season has come upon us this year.  Perhaps it is because I am working as an art teacher this year...or that I work PT in framing at Michaels.  Either way the holidays seems to have come up much faster than normal.  With that in mind, Christmas cards need to be made and made quickly!

I pulled out my trusty tri-fold cards (http://arnoldgrummer.com/products/cardmaking/trifold-window-cards.html), a terra cotta Nativity mold (http://arnoldgrummer.com/nativity.html)  and my Delight AirDry Clay (http://www.paperclay.com/product.htm). 
I conditioned a bit of the Delight clay by squeezing it in my hands.  I then flattened it into a thin sheet (this can be done by hand or with a roller or with a pasta machine).  The clay sheet was pressed into the Nativity mold (be sure to press clay firmly into the recessed areas). 
I pulled it out and placed it on my work surface, smoothing the edges flat.  Center the image in a tri-fold card opening and press the card against the clay.
Remove the card and let the image dry before proceeding.

Once the Nativity image dried, I colored it using Prismacolor markers.  Seal the clay piece into the tri-fold card using "The Ultimate" tacky glue.  Rubber stamp a holiday saying on the front or on the inside, then highlight it using embossing powder. 
Finish the card using ribbon trim or tassels and possibly some jingle bells! 
Easy peasy crafting and your friends and family will be WOWWED!
A Merry Christmas ** Happy Hanukkah**Happy Kwanzaa
to one and all!!
And God Bless us, Everyone