Happy Holidays Everyone!

The holidays are here and it is time for me to share one final project for this year with you.  I, also, want to send out holiday wishes to all of you and created this tree for you to enjoy.  The handmade paper is what makes this tree even more beautiful with its fine details.  

Begin by placing the deckle from the Papermill Pro Kit into a tub filled about half way with water. 
 In a blender add torn pieces of cardstock or old mail and 2 cups of water.  Blend this until it is turned into a pulp. 
 Pour the pulp into the deckle making sure that the entire area is covered and then left it out of the water and allow it to drain some. 
 Place the screen support grid and the newly formed sheet of paper into a shallow pan and place the screen over the top.  Use the sponge to remove as much of the water as possible. 

Transfer the sheet between two of the couch sheets and use the press bar to finish removing as much water as possible.  Allow the paper to dry or use an iron on it to dry it quickly.
Repeat these steps to create each sheet of paper needed. 
The tree and decorations were made by running each piece of newly formed paper through a die cut machine with a tree shaped die by Spellbinders.  The base was finished off by adding a piece of tea dyed lace around it. 
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Have a very happy holiday season and a good new year!  Start a new hobby in 2015 with enjoy making handmade paper, too!  Save 20% of your entire order until the end of December by using the coupon code: SNOWY20. 


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