Christmas Stickers

©Michele Emerson-Roberts  2014

You probably get lots of mail this time of year asking for donations for this or that cause. I sure get my fair share and have to pick and choose who to support. Often the requests come with “free” cards (you already know what I do with some of those) or stickers that I don’t always want to just toss. These 4 cards are another example of what can be done with some of the “stuff” that others think of as junk or trash, in this case Christmas stickers.


  • Any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits
  • Microwave, heat gun or a sunny window
  • Blender, small strainer, cello sponges
  • Iron and pressing cloth
  • Westcott™ personal paper cutter, scissors
  • Scor-Pal
  • Spellbinders™ Grand Calibur 
  •  Grand Calibur
  • Beacon ZipDry™ Adhesive, double sided foam tape or dots
  • Scraps of white and red paper or cardstock (think junk mail, etc.) Remember: ALWAYS save the scraps.
  • Envelopes for a 4 ¼ x 5 ½” cards (or use the AG template to create matching envelopes)
  • Christmas stickers
  • Dies: Spellbinders™ easel frame
  • Christmas themed embossing folders


  1. Follow the direction for paper making and casting found in any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kits or books to make slurry from the white scraps.
  2. Create numerous sheets of thick white handmade paper. (Think card stock weight)
  3. Make red slurry and create several sheets each of thick red paper. (Think card stock weight)
  4. Allow the papers to dry.
    NOTE - If you want the thick white paper to be smooth as I did, iron it using the pressing cloth.
  5. Cut the sheets of heavy white paper in half.
  6. Score and fold to create 4 ¼ x 5 ½” cards.
  7. Emboss the fronts of all the cards with Christmas themed folders.
  8. Die cut the easel frame shape from the thick red paper.
  9. Attach the Christmas stickers to the back of the easel frame with Beacon ZipDry™ adhesive.
  10. Attach the easel frames to the front of the cards with tiny pieces of double sided foam tape of dots.

I work on these and other repurposed Christmas cards all through the year. Just think how many cards you can have ready for next year.


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