Decorating for the Holidays with Handmade Paper

The holidays are coming quickly and Halloween is just around the corner so it's time to start doing the decorating.  I especially love hanging wreaths on our doors to welcome guests.  This wreath started out to be a sale find at my local craft store and ended up being a favorite of everyone with the handmade paper roses, the bow and the pumpkin add to finish it off. 
I created 8 sheets of paper using one of the Papermill Kits.  For the black and orange sheets, I made a black paper pulp using left over scraps of cardstock from other projects.  Once I poured the pulp into the deckle and lifted it partially out of the water to create the full sheet, I used the orange pulp which I had created first and then poured into a bowl, to add large dots or patches of orange.  I then finished the sheet off according to the instructions.  The leaves are from a green handmade sheet.  The pieces were all created using a die and hand formed to give the paper shape. 
Once I completed winding the ribbon around the wreath and adding the bow, I used some cotton linters, a sheet of orange tissue tints and the Jack O' Lantern mold to mold the center piece on the bow. 
No matter what the holiday, add to the décor by using sheets of handmade paper to make your next creation.  Handmade paper adds an elegance in itself to any project.  The holidays will be here soon so start your projects today!
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  1. The roses are spooktacular!
    Love and light,

  2. haha Michele, good one! This will have to go on the home page next October for sure! What die did you use, Peg? I must confess AG's Design Team is way ahead on the tools and techniques. What would we do without you?! I hope you'll submit this to a magazine, the image is amazing.

  3. Very nice, Love the design you made on the paper and the flowers are lovely.


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