Memory Keeper Photo Frames

I love sharing pictures of family, and decided to make these special by presenting them in frames covered with handmade paper. I used the Arnold Grummer's photo frame set. Everything you need to construct the frames comes in the kit, except the paper you use for covering.

I followed the easy directions that are included in the kit. I selected handmade paper to cover the frames. I used a liquid glue to adhere the paper to the frame. I used small binder clips to hold the glued edges in place while the glue dried. Since handmade paper tends to be a bit softer that regular paper or cardstock, I protected the front of the frame with waste paper where I clipped the glued edges in place so the clips wouldn't dent the paper.

I embellished one frame with rolled roses made from the scraps of the paper I used to cover the frame.

For the other frame I embellished with leaves that I dried using the Arnold Grummer's garden press.

Here are the finished frames, ready to share.

Take advantage of Arnold Grummer's August discount and you can make your own handmade paper and covered frames. Just use the coupon code AUG20.


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