Catch a Falling Star Package Tags by Linda Hess

Catch a Falling Star and put it in your pocket....I know that you are singing along with me!  Make these quick tags when you need an extra little touch on a package or turn it into a notecard by adding a piece of cardstock to the back.  Read on for a super easy how-to.

Papermill Pro
Arnold Grummer's Metallic Multi Sprinkles
Pinata alcohol ink (Sapphire Blue JFC1017)
Shooting Star #710 (
Premo!Sculpey polymer clay in gold, silver, or pearl
Optional: Pentel Metallic Brush pens, Silver Sharpie

Place in Blender a handful of shredded paper, 2- 2 1/2 cups water, a few squirts of Pinata ink, and the hefty pinch of Multi Sprinkles.  Blend according to directions with kit (super easy!) and then pour into prepared mold.

Follow directions to press out water and form a gorgeous sparkly blue sheet of paper. 

Condition a bit of polymer clay and press into the large star only of the texture mold.  NOTE: A small amount goes a long way!  Try not to overfill the area. 

Now tear off a square from the sheet of paper.  Press over polymer clay star.  A second square of paper pressed over the first will thicken the tag a bit.  Be sure to press paper firmly into the mold.

Carefully begin to pull tag out of mold.  the clay may want to stay in place, so carefully use a fingernail to pop out one point and then another.  The rest of the star points should follow. 

Place tag on work surface and fine tune any clay details if necessary.  Bake tag at 275 degrees for 15 minutes (NOTE: This is to cure the clay, but has the added benefit of drying damp paper quickly!)

Let tag cool.  (NOTE: If edges are curled, place tag under a box or book to help flatten while cooling)

If your clay star wants to come off the paper, a dab of tacky glue will hold it in place (my favorite is Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate")  Raised areas can be detailed with paint pens or ink (I used Pentel Metallic Brush pens and a silver Sharpie). 

Punch a hole and add a ribbon.  Now your tag is ready to use.  Enjoy!


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