Creating for the Holidays

The holidays will soon be upon us so July is a good time to start thinking about making the cards you will be needing.  The earlier you start, the more details you can put on a card like this beaded snowflake, but this wouldn't be anything without the gorgeous handmade paper behind it and that's where the fun begins!  There is nothing like the finishing touches of a sheet of paper that you have made yourself.

For this card, you will need to make 2 sheets of paper using the basic papermaking instructions found with the Papermill Kits from Arnold Grummer's.  Also, check out the great instructions found here under the Resources tab.  For the blue piece, add a sheet of the Tissue Tints into the scraps of paper and soak them in water for a little bit.  If you want a deeper blue, add some blue scraps of paper, too.  Add the pieces to the blender and use the colored water for the 2 cups needed to make the pulp.    Allow both newly created sheets of paper to dry on their own or dry them with a slightly warm iron. 

Create the card base for the card from 1 of the sheets and cut a 4 1/4" square from the second sheet.  Find a snowflake template online and print it.  Use a piercing tool, straight pin or the tip of an ice pick or awl to poke the holes at the beginning and end of each straight line.  Remember if you are using an ice pick or awl use only the very tip of it so the holes don't end up being too large.  Slide a piece of jewelry making wire through one hole to the back of the paper and tape it to the back.  Add the beads to the wire and feed the other end through the hole at the opposite end of the line and tape it.  Continue doing this until the snowflake is finished.  Add adhesive pearls around the center of the piece and another larger stone or as used here an old piece of repurposed jewelry to finish it off. 

Add the paper to the card base and stamp your favorite greeting onto it.  Finish off the edges by adding a little ink around the piece to make give it a more wintery effect. 


You now have a start on your cards this year, but don't wait Christmas is only in 153 days more days!  To help you get started, this month you can use the coupon code SAVE20 for 20% off your entire purchase of on the Arnold Grummer's website.  That should give you a great start to your holiday creating, but remember this special code ends at the end of July so don't wait! 

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