Recyclable Wedding Favors

What is a better way to share the love of the earth on the day of your wedding than to create these fabulous seed paper favors?  Everything used for this project is made of recyclable materials and can be personalized for your wedding.  They certainly help add to the memories of your day and they are easy to create. 

To begin, use one of the Papermill Kits to create 2 sheets of paper using the basic instructions.  Add a special touch to the paper by mixing 2 colors of pulp into the sheets that match your wedding colors.  Pour the first color into the deckle box and continuously stir it with your hand while adding the second color.  The two will swirl together to create a gorgeous color pattern.  This pocket and seed paper favors were made using a red and blue pulp. Before completely lifting the box out of the water, add a packet of flower seeds across the surface and then lift the box out.  Finish the sheets by following the instructions. 

Once you have made the 2 sheets and they have dried, use your favorite dies and die cut machine to cut out and emboss the favors.  A monogram can be added in the center of them to personalize them with a calligraphy pen or marker. 

For the pocket, cut the paper to the width of the pocket you would like keeping in mind that your favors will need to fit through the opening and then add 1/2" to that.   Cut the length of the paper to 8" or smaller.  For example, if you want a 3" long finished pocket cut the paper to 6".   For this one, the paper was cut to 3" x 8".  Using a scoring board, score the strip of paper in half to create a crisp fold line at the bottom.  Open it back up lengthwise and score a line down each side 1/4" from each edge.  On one section of the pocket, trim up the score line to the half way fold line which will be the bottom of the pocket.  On the other section, fold the score line inward to create the sides of the pocket.  Use a tape runner to secure the pocket closed.  Punch a half circle from the top and wrap some jute twine around the pocket and tie a bow. 

The seed pocket and favors can be handed out to your guests as a memento of your glorious day and can be planted and nurtured into beautiful flowers to keep the love going.  Wouldn't it be the perfect end to the day if your guests could plant a wildflower garden in an open field somewhere?  It's the perfect way to share your love and give back to the earth.


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