Drying flowers the fast way!

Hello all!
Debbie Buckland here.

Earthday is upon us and whats a better way to celebrate than pressing some of your fave flowers!?

Oh my lordy! I tried out the Regular Microfleur #386 (microwave flower press)!

I have been drying flowers and leaves etc in the microwave and having a ball!

A friend gave me some fabulous flowers from her garden (sweet peas)

 and when they were starting to fall apart after a few days I decided to put them in my handmade papers using the Papermill paper making kit.

But first I had to pull the petals gently from the flower and the put them flat in the press.

My petal colours enhanced somewhat in the microwave press!

I love the surprise of that… they also feel like very very thin tissue paper. Or that really really expensive thin paper you can buy in specialty shops.

I was very pleased with the results!

And my papers?

The top two left and middle I had put 3-4 petals in the blender with the paper pulp and then embedded the petals in the paper as I was making the paper.

The results are truly stunning!

This process took a few tries for me…

first try was a complete failure… (I re-zizzed the pulp and the petals in the blender to get the top middle sheet)

third try I ended up getting a week part of the paper under the petal…
(right top paper)

Then I ended up getting it reasonably right.

The middle bottom sheet is made with the very centres of the sweet pea's. And managed to place and keep them in there where I wanted them. (don't ask me to do it again…. I think that was a fluke!)

Here is a thank you gift I made for my friend with those papers… and the Note Pad Book Starter Kit

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you give fast flower drying a go with this kit too!

Debbie Buckland

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