Embedded Botanicals in Handmade Paper

By: Carole Lassak
Papermaking at my house is a family affair. My husband is a phenomenal gardener, so he provides me with a steady supply of botanicals.
Steve's Deck Garden

My grand-daughter is my Number One papermaking assistant. Papermaking is such a great activity for children of all ages!!

I made the paper for this project using standard pour method papermaking instructions. I poured a slightly-less-than-normal amount of pulp in the deckle, then added a fern frond from one of my husband's plants. I topped this off with a bit more pulp before lifting the deckle. As I pressed the water from the sheet of paper, the fern frond became partially encased in the pulp. You can even see the fern spores on the exposed portion of the frond. I love the deep texture the fern creates as it is encased in the paper.

I found the perfect box to showcase this special handmade paper at our local thrift shop. The smaller frond on the lower right was pressed and dried using Arnold Grummer's Garden Press. It rests on top of the handmade paper.

If I can bear to part with it, this jewelry box will make a great gift!!

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