Christmas is Around the Corner

Yes, today is Halloween and you are seeing right.  It's no trick, but rather a treat.  This is a Christmas card.  It's coming quickly and now is the time to start thinking about making all of the cards that you need to send out this year.  I just couldn't manage to do another Halloween project after all of them that I've already done so I started thinking about the next upcoming holidays.  Christmas is my next favorite for several reasons, one of which I will explain later in this post so be sure to read to the end.
I created all of the paper for this card using one of the Arnold Grummer Papermill Kits and the basic papermaking instructions.   I used some scraps of green paper that I had left over from other projects to create a half sheet with the Deckle Divider since I didn't need a big sheet of it just to run through my die cut machine.  I did the same for the white paper since I, also, didn't need a lot of it. 

The red sheet which ended up being my card base is my most favorite piece of handmade paper I've made yet.  I used some scraps of red that I had already, but wanted it to be even more red and not the dull red that it had turned out to be at first so I added some of the Tissue Tints to add even more color to it.  After I poured the slurry into the pour mold, I sprinkled a lot of the Opal Sprinkles throughout the mold and then stirred it all with my finger to move it around.  Once I got it all throughout the paper I removed the mold from the water and continued to finish of the sheet of paper according to the instructions.  When it had dried, I was thrilled to see how gorgeous this paper turned out. 

Now here's where it got even more fun for me.  It was time to decorate the card after creating these gorgeous pieces of paper.  Handmade paper already is a special thing in itself and I love doing it.  I added to the specialness of this project by using the stamps that I created and are being sold at Sin City Stamps.  The handmade paper and the hand drawn stamps are a perfect fit with one another.
Now, here's the part that you've been waiting for.  I love to give gifts so I am giving away a set of these stamps over on my blog Peg's Crafting Corner.  If you'd like a change to win the set just click the link and read my post about the giveaway, but there's even more fun you can have.  Use the coupon code Nov20 and receive 20% off your order on the Arnold Grummer website in the month of November.  Remember it's still October so the code can be used starting tomorrow, Nov 1st.  You can't go wrong with that!  A chance to win the stamps and to save money on all of your papermaking supplies so you can create some fabulously gorgeous cards this holiday season, too.  It's like Christmas has come already! 
Don't forget to take advantage of Arnold Grummer's November sale!! Just enter the promo code Nov20 for 20% off your entire order.


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