What I Wish for You Shadow Box

Arnold Grummer's casting molds are great for making one of a kind gifts.    Not only can they be used with paper pulp but also with polymer clay.  It's a fun and easy way to create embellishments for your projects.  I used the casting molds and polymer clay to create a special gift with a ton of meaning for a special young girl.  Here is what I did. Items used: Arnold Grummer's Cat With Heart Casting Mold Arnold Grummer's Daisy Casting Mold Arnold Grummer's Irish Claddagh Casting Mold Sculpey III Polymer Clay in Pearl Small Recycled and Painted Tray   DSCN1162   These are the three molds that I used.  Each mold was chosen because of it's symbolic meaning. DSCN1163DSCN1164
 To make the casts I first sprayed the molds with water as a release agent for the polymer clay.  I then push the clay into the mold.  I used my roller to make sure that the back of my cast was was  flat.  Using the roller also helps to spread the clay into the mold assuring I would get the best cast possible. DSCN1165
 This is what one of the casts looked like after I pulled it from the mold.  I trimmed around the casts and baked them according to the directions on the package.
 After the casts were baked I added detail to them with acrylic paint ad then sealed them with a spray sealer

. DSCN1184
 Finally I adhered them to the background.  I included a handwritten note on the back and attached some ribbon to it so that it could be hung. Here's the meaning of the symbols: Claddagh: Family, Friendship, & Loyalty Daisy: Love Siamese Cat: Good Luck I wish all of this and more to all of you as well as the young girl who will receive this gift.  I hope that you enjoy your holidays with your families.  Hold them close and enjoy the precious time you have with them. To all those in Connecticut, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


  1. This is a really cute project and it would be so easy to personalize it for each person!

  2. Love those molds, and your piece turned out wonderfully!

  3. You have inspired metro try using polymer clay in the AG molds. Very beautiful shadow box


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