Mitten Blessings~ Children's Holiday Project for Arnold Grummer's DT

I love creating paper with the  Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit! It is such an imaginative process being able to create all kinds of textures and designs with some many everyday items! To create this holiday paper for use in  the mitten project, I just added some holiday foil tissue paper to the blender process creating some great color,texture and interest! For more information on the kits or paper making feel free to visit the website in the above link!

For this project, because so many families have so little time during the holidays I came up with this easy, creative project idea to incorporate meaning and thankfulness into a holiday project for the kids. They  can very easily make these sweet little mittens themselves with a small bit of guidance.
These actually are mittens with a pocket opening from the top to be able to hold written message of  things that you are thankful for,blessings and positive messages. The mittens can be a yearly family tradition to share what everyone was thankful for in that year,or even to tuck in some positive messages and give as holiday card for a special friend.Many fun ideas can come from this little project so lets get started!!


Sheets of Handmade Paper
Liquitex Glass Beads
White Gloss Acrylic paint
Ribbon or Cording for the Mitten Ties
Mod Podge
Embellishments of your choice(-I used holiday buttons) 
Small slips of paper with special messages on them ( typed or hand written)

Cut your papers out to the shape of a mitten in whatever size you would like.You will need 2 ( one for the front and back.I used Holiday scrapbook papers for the back with a complimentary. design.

Staple together the 2 sides around the mitten and leave the top open.I thought that the look the staples created a stitched effect!

Here you can see both sides with one being the handmade papers and the other the scrapbook papers

I decided to personalize the mittens and wrote the names and year with Liquid Pearls.

After that I took the mitten and dipped the tips of the sides in the mod podge and then in the glitter till all 3 sides were covered.

I then decided to use holiday buttons as embellishments on the mittens.I really wanted the handmade paper to be the key focal so I just added Liquitex Glass beads ( mixed with some white gloss paint) to the top of the mitten and added some glitter,topping it off with the buttons.

The last finishing touch to this wonderful project is to add your  ties and the special message tucked inside the pocket on top! A beautiful way to add meaning to an easy project for kids!

~Enjoy ~
In Love and Faith


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