Tis the Season ...... for thank you notes!

The gifts have been opened. Maybe even put away or being used. Now is the time to get the pen and paper out to write thank you notes! Instead of just writing them, why not also make them!!

Grab that recycle bin including Christmas wrapping paper and a Hand Pourmold! Before you know it, you have pieces of paper for cards!

Medium Pour Handmold

For this card I chose a premade card base. Here is a tip for creating the torn edge look - using a paintbrush, paint a line of water. Once it is soaked through, gently pull apart. 


I stamped the piece of handmade paper with a metallic paint. 

I also used a printed deli type paper and nesting dies to created the sentiment medallion. I painted  one of the hand made paper layers and around the edges of the smallest medallion.
 I think it looks so elegant! 

And here is the card -

So much prettier than a store bought one!

This is a fun project for those children who are home for the holidays! Head on over to ArnoldGrummer's to find all the supplies you need! 

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  1. Lovely project from a lovely person!

  2. Love your card! So appropriate for the season and fun too! I sent a Thank you recently to a 30-something and she told me she has to learn etiquette from me.


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