Small note cards

Hi everyone, today I made some petite sized note cards using the Arnold Grummer Gift Card and Envelope template, I just love how tiny they are. I am a big fan of miniature but not so much of my big fumbling fingers so I love how they give you a Fold and Score guide to help you bend those creases for perfect folds!

First thing I did was to make my paper ( instructions here ) using the template and then laid out my paper to air dry.

Next, I folded them using the guide and glued the edges of the envelopes together using my Helmar Craft glue. I used some small stamps and my markers to embellish them. 

I'm going to be giving these away at my art show next weekend as small thank you gifts for everyone attending, so each small card is tucked into small Crystal Clear Card Protectors along with a pressed flower sticker because we all know, presentation is everything!


  1. These are just adorable and how sweet of you to give them away!

  2. Love, love, LOVE the tiny little notes and envelopes! Anyone would be glad to receive one of those little Thank You notes.

  3. really think this card is darling.. I have a hard time with working with things so small too.. but they are ALWAYS add just the special touch you need.. for any occasion.. and when using the handmade papers.. it screams personal!

  4. I love your small cards they look just the perfect little giveaway. Lovely sample size of your beautiful hand made paper. Just a lovely thoughtful gift.

  5. You have created some beautiful projects with the papers you've made and these are no exception. Cute!

  6. Just so pretty & I wish I was there to listen to you. :)
    Betty L. Friis-Halcomb


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