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Hey good people!  It's Wednesdayyyy and I am here with a cute litle set of bookmarks.  If you read even a little bit they are worth creating for yourself. or to drop in the mail.. and even to leave a bunch for the members at church or school.

I made this paper with some roses that dried in a bunch hanging in the closet.  Unfortunately, I was a the victim of 10 yr old so I have no step out photos to share this time.  I plan on doing some more papers soon and I hope to have those moments captured for you. I simply added my dried roses to my torn papers in the blender,  Turned that into slurry goodness.  It even tinted my papers. Two of the book marks are from a bundle called Card and Tag MediumTemplate Collection and the hearts are are available from a bundle called Envelope and Stationary Large Template Collection.  

A term I would like to introduce you to today is INCLUSIONS
Inclusions are what you call the added particles to any paper pulp mixture.  As you will see in the video below there are a variety of things you can add to the paper pulp mixture.

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Back to my bookmarks, once they were dry. I shape a few a little bit with my scissors.  I added some wording, lace and paper flowers with some Helmar's Craft and Hobby PVA Glue.  I like how they turned out! Hope you do too!

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Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week!! ::waves::


  1. Loving your pretty set of bookmarks you have done they are lovely. Will check out that video thanks for pointing me to it.

  2. love your book marks..and the dried roses are awesome to add to the paper mix.

  3. LOVE the paper with the roses, so pretty!

  4. These are very beautiful and Victorian like with the texture and lace. Love!

  5. These are beautiful - love the lace - gives so much texture - yes you can send me one - LOL

  6. Beautiful bookmarks and they would make an awesome "found" art project to leave for people to find. You could leave them in places at a library. So coo;!!

  7. So pretty! Love the video and learning more about this!!


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