Mica Necklace with Handmade Paper and Dried Botanicals

If you follow my projects, then you know that I gravitate to jewelry items. Today, I've combined mica, handmade paper and dried botanicals to make this gorgeous OOAK piece. One of a kind because each leaf, each piece of mica and each piece of handmade paper has its own characteristics.

I dried the leaves using Arnold Grummer's Garden Press. The paper I made by adding tissue tints and dried rosebuds to the paper pulp.

I started with mica tiles from USArtQuest. Mica is a rock that is composed of several layers. After selecting a piece for my necklace, I easily delaminated the layers by gently slipping a fingernail between the layers. Next, I arranged the leaves and paper on top of the bottom piece of mica. I tore the paper so it would have feathered, irregular edges.

You can see that the leaves extend beyond the edges of the mica. I used small pieces of Cut-Bond-Create, a double sided adhesive, to bond the two pieces of mica. You can see the blue grid backing on the CBC in the picture above. (I haven't yet exposed the top adhesive layer.)

After removing the blue grid backing to expose the other side of the CBC, I attached the top layer of mica.

After trimming the excess handmade paper and leaves with scissors, I used a Crop-a-dile to pierce holes for eyelets and jumprings. I added three pearl Dew Drops to accent the surface.

 I never throw out any project leftovers, and was tickled to discover this resin-coated handmade paper bird in my stash. (You can read how I created him in this blog post.) He is the perfect charm to finish this jewelry piece.

You can see more projects on my Create & Craft blog.


  1. Carol, I never would've guessed you could laminate handmade paper like that between slices of mica. Will you save this for a gift? What a treasure!


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