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I am really excited to be on the Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Design Team.  I love working with hand made papers! I must confess, I have never made handmade paper before! So we are going to start at the very beginning. I highly recommend watching the video on the BASIC PAPER MAKING tab at the top of this page! I thought paper making would be difficult... I think that is what put the fear of paper making in me. You will not believe how easy paper making is using the ARNOLD GRUMMER'S COMPLETE PAPER MAKING KIT. The design of the "hand mold" makes paper making so easy!!! With the kit you will receive a DVD with more information on how to create cast paper molds. 

Today I am sharing paper cast molds.

To make my paper pulp I used papers out of the paper shredder. Added enough water to make pulp. A loose handful of paper and about 2-3- cups of water! A little pulp goes a long way!
Then I filled the Arnold Grummer's Paper Casting Strainer about half-full with paper pulp and let it drain over a bowl. 
When the water stopped dripping, I dumped the pulp on a ceramic cast, with my fingers I moved the pulp gently so it would fill all the crevices, then pressed the pulp on the cast with a sponge to remove water.  As the water is removed you can see the indentation of your cast. If you wish to remove more water use paper towels. The more water  removed the faster the cast paper will dry.  Set the molds aside to dry. As the paper dries it becomes stronger.  

Shown are clay casting molds available from Arnold Grummer's! I used Arnold Grummer's Snow Flake and Rycraft Casting Molds: Tulip, Songbird, Cup'O Tea, US Air Force Emblem and Irish Claddagh. Also I had a large clay cookie mold that I am testing out. 
Once they are dry the cast should remove easily from the ceramic cast.   Be sure to test the edges first.  Don't get impatient! 
Here I experimented tinting the paper cast Irish Claddagh. I used some of my Pearl-Ex colors (I know a lot of you have some in your stash), the hand make paper held the Pearl-Ex nicely. Stickles added a bit of bling. 

This was so much fun. Try it I know you'll have a great time. Did I tell you that paper making is a great project to do with children??? It is non-toxic!

This month you can use the COUPON CODE: LOVE20 and save 20% on your entire order so head on over to the website and order your kit today.  Creating fabulous handmade paper projects fro friends and family.


  1. Hi Lyneen, I like the way you tinted the cast with Pearl-Ex. Did you put it on with a brush? Thanks for the project! Kim

    1. Yes, I used a fine brush! The papers surface just grabbed it up!


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