Fly Free Tag

By: Carole Lassak
I love tags. They are so versatile. Tags can be used as a greeting card or tied to a special package. I made this handmade paper tag using Arnold Grummer's Tags for Cards and Pages Template. I made the paper using these standard papermaking directions. I tinted the paper pulp with tissue tints and added Angel Wings Multi Color Botanical Mix.

The butterfly embellishment is from the PSX Garden Sticker Set. To make the butterfly three dimensional, I powdered the wing of one sticker, leaving the body of the butterfly sticky. Next, I scored a line on each side of the butterfly's body and gently folded the wings up. This sticker was positioned directly over a matching sticker.

I glued skeleton leaves to the top center of the large tag, pierce holes in both the large and small tags, and set eyelets in each tag. The finishing embellishments for the large tag included the letters for the sentiment and rhinestones. For the small tag, I dipped the lower edge in liquid adhesive and then in glitter, and added a rolled rose. The last step was to add ribbon and tie a bow.

Now I have the perfect tag for a special occasion. How do you use the tags that you create?

You can see more of my handmade paper projects using Arnold Grummer's Papermaking supplies on my Create & Craft blog.

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