An Apple for the Teacher

     It's hard to believe another school year has arrived and not only the kids, but the teachers, as well, will be headed back to the classrooms.  Every teacher enjoys having a special little something to start the year off right.  This cute little sticky notepad book is a perfect little gift to help any teacher in his or her busy day.  

     The first thing to create this is to choose a piece of paper that you would like for the cover.  Here I made my own paper using the Papermill Pro kit from Arnold Grummer's to create an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  
     I used the Notepad Book Starter Kit to trace the cover shape onto the paper I had created.  In this step, it is important to make sure that the traced piece is near the edge of the paper so you can also cut a 3" x 6 3/4" strip of paper from the sheet. 

     Place the chipboard pieces that come with the kit onto the paper after it has been cut out according to the directions on the kit.  

     Here's a little tip that I found helped to adhere the pieces:  use a brayer and roll it over both sides of the project to help adhere the glue to the chipboard. 

     Another tip is to score around the top, bottom and sides of the book cover and in between the end board to help get a good fold, but make sure not to score too hard or you will tear the paper. 
     Finish assembling the book and add the sticky notepad in following the directions on the kit and then decorate it as you would like.  For this book, I created an apple by making some paper into pulp just as you did to make the sheet of paper and then using the Papermill Pro kit and an apple shaped cookie cutter to make the paper apple shape.  For more information about using cookie cutters to make shapes see my Christmas in July post.   For even more fun use a marker to write the letter "A" or the teacher's name on the front of the apple! 

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  1. Any teacher would be THRILLED to receive this little notepad on the first day of school. Thanks, Peg!

  2. THat is such a cute idea, I love it!!


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