Making Texture Stamps With Arnold Grummer's Casting Molds

I love working with different mediums as much as I love finding different ways to use things.  Did you know that you can use Arnold Grummer's Casting Molds not only with paper but also with clay?  I have had some fun experimenting with the molds recently and think that this would be a great project for anyone who enjoys working with paper and paint or making things out of clay.

Items Used:
Scrap Paper
Sculpey III Polymer Clay
Liquitex Heavy Gloss Gel Medium

I started out using Arnold Grummer's Mini Texture Mold and some scrap paper to make my casts that I use for the stamps.  The great thing about making the stamps out of paper is that when you are done with them they can be recycled.

Before using them you need to seal them because the paper is porous.  This will also help your texture stamps last longer.  This is what they look like after a thin coat of heavy gloss gel medium.

You can use them to add texture to polymer clay.  You could also use them with Creative Paperclay.

Or you could use them to stamp the patterns using paint or ink..  They would also be great to add 3D texture to a Mixed Media piece.

To make texture stamps that will last quite a while you can cast them using polymer clay.  Sealing the polymer clay stamps is optional because the clay, after it's baked, is nonporous.

These stamps can be used in so many different ways.  I can't wait to test them out and push them to their limits.


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