Lost a part of our hearts....

Some of you have heard, the Lord called Arnold Grummer home yesterday. His life was filled with family, faith, love, and a passion he shared with you, papermaking.

We'd love any who wish to send a message to our family or have a story to

share to do so here.

Mabel, Greg and I (Kim) thank you in advance for the love, prayers, support and many kindnesses that come to us because of him. We know he belongs to more than just the Grummer family. ♥


  1. I send my condolences to your family.

  2. We are honored to have met this amazing man! His creative spirit has touched many people. We'll be thinking of you. Love, Erin & Youssef

  3. Even though I only had the great pleasure of meeting Arnie once, he left an indelible impression on me. What a guy! What a life! Surely he changed many people's lives with his papermaking - what a lovely legacy. Kim, Greg and Mabe - may blessings be with you today.

  4. I am so sorry. Arnold was a joy to be around. His enthusiasm was contagious. He taught countless people to make paper, and advanced our field greatly.

  5. Arnie could light up your heart just being in the room with him. Spending time with Arnie (and his family as well) always reminded me to embrace life...he took such great joy in it...and was so appreciative of his many blessings. My heart is with you today...
    Love you...trish

  6. RIP Arnold Grummer.
    I am one of the masses of anonymous admirers Mr Grummer (PBUH) gained.
    On behalf of many like me in my country- most sincere condolences to the bereaved.
    Though he is now in God's hands, his legacy lives forever more.

    A tribute poem (forgive the amateurism):
    Mr Grummer our Professor: Caster & Master of pulp & blend
    Lecturer to industry, your wise counsel keenly sought
    as Author of Paperly Knowledge- your tome without end,
    Know did you the many imaginations your kindly lectures caught?

    Though you may have known or known it not
    Your lessons taught a mass spectrum of mankind
    A massive foreign audience your videos & books got
    To race, colour, creed or ability our beloved lecturer was blind

    A grandfatherly figure schooled we pupils all softly,
    The marvels of hydro-bonds, pulp, paper and imagination.
    Your magnum opus was a smile to those of disability,
    their newfound confidence and pride through artistic creation.

    The vast audience and admirers you may never know,
    The gratitude of those labeled "disabled", now enabled- too,
    The love of future generations you will teach also,
    And respect of those who saw America's finest values in you.

    For thee Professor, I bow my head and silent thanks do pray,
    That our God the Almighty receive you in His Kind embrace.
    But not among the departed in heaven nor slumber do you lay,
    Alive you are- for in every fan's heart is reserved you a place.

    Peace be upon him. Amin.


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