The Joy of Making Your Own Projects

 I had 3 inspirations in creating this card.  First, was the fact I love making handmade paper and secondly I was so anxious to use the casting mold that I had received from Arnold Grummer's.  Now that I've used this one, I definitely want more of them and they have a huge selection to choose from so it's not going to be an easy task.  My third inspiration was the skeleton leaves .  There were yelling at me to use them.  I think those are one of the coolest things to embellish with on any project. 

I began by making a piece of handmade paper using one of the paper making kits and the basic directions.  I tried another great product for the first time, the Tissue Tints, which are used to add color to the paper and I can say I am hooked.  I love the soft color the blue piece added to the paper. 
Then, I made the paper casted piece using one of the molds and enough cotton linters to fit into the mold according to the package instructions.  After making the linters into pulp in a blender, I also added some of the fantastic Sparkles carried at Arnold Grummer's. 

This special handmade card can be used for many occasions and the casted paper and the skeleton leaves can be used on many different styles of projects.  There's nothing better than paper you've made yourself.  I can say I'm hooked on paper making.  Can you? 

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  1. Very nice, Peg. Love how you used the skeleton leaves.


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