Butterfly Card Using Arnold Grummer's Casting Molds

Items used in this project:
Acrylic Craft Paint
Gold Leaf
Black Staz-On Ink Pad
Flower stamp
I used Creative Paperclay and the Butterfly casting mold to cast the butterfly for the front of the card.   I used baby powder as my release agent for the clay.
These are the casts after I pulled them out of the mold.  At this point I baked them on 300 for about a half hour to dry them.
While the cats were drying, I used a Black Staz-On ink pad and a flower stamp to randomly stamp flowers on the front of the card.
After the casts were dry I painted one of  them with Acrylic Craft Paint and used gold leaf to accent the raised parts of the butterfly.
Finally I adhered the cast into the window on the front of the card.  This card would be great  for Mother's Day or any occasion.  You could also "color" in the flowers with some watercolors for a more colorful look.


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