Meet our New Design Team

We are super excited to introduce our First Design Team
This team will be posting project on this blog and their own blog
14 times during the month...
YES, that's 14 different projects to excited you about
"Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit's and More"
Here is our team and the is a link to each of their blogs, we hope you stop by
and introduce yourself to each of us...

Team Leader
She is a diverse and experienced designer, design team leader  and instructor for multiple companies in the paper craft world including “ Robin Nest” “Creative Paperclay®”, “Sakura Hobby Craft” and Hobby Baby!” to name a few.  She has here our Product line with Sakura Hobby Craft.  

  Karen Elaine Thomas

Karen is the author of several paper crafting books and has contributed to many
mixed media books. Her artwork has been featured in numerous trade and consumer magazines such as American Artist, Rubber Stamper and Paper Crafts. She is the featured artist in a popular Page Sage instructional DVD, "Fold It with Karen Thomas " and she is the author of "Origami Card Craft, 30 Clever Cards and Envelopes to Fold" published by Random House/Potter Craft.

Karen is a self titled "Origamiologist" and shares her enthusiasm for paper folding
and creativity with people of all ages.

All my life I have loved making something out of nothing and I have always loved color. As a little girl, I was determined to make fabric out of drier lint, clay pots out of the mud from the backyard and paper out of tree bark. I also loved coloring and painting, especially mixing colors. I was a paper maker waiting to happen.

 Hi! My name is Annie Bella. I am a stay at home wife and mother. I have been making art and crafting as long as I can remember. I am a Mixed Media / Recycled Crafts artist. I enjoy working in various mediums with various techniques. My favorite mediums include watercolor, acrylics, colored pencil, collage, clay, and book making. I am also an avid Blogger and Art Journaler. I would consider my style to be unique. I love to find new and unusual ways to bring beauty into the world. I am frugal and try to find new ways to use old things. I am also a member of the Creative Paperclay Design Team

 Monica Edward

My name is Monica Edwards and I am 42 yr old mother of two beautiful kids.  I have been married for over 20 years.  I started crafting when I was a teen and have not stopped yet.  For me, crafting is my stress reliever and I would like to consider myself a chameleon.  I change styles depending on my mood I can’t say I am a vintage girl because I also love fun and bright!! Being this way has made me grow in so many ways as a crafter.  I refer to myself as “scraps2treasure” because all scraps can be turned into someone’s treasure and nothing is trash to me but my claim to fame was my paper flowers I make this is what made me bloom in the craft world!! So to all the crafters out there keep on scrappin’

Hello, my name is Jana Mitchell and I'm a life long handcrafter.
I'm also a happy homemaker, and blogger at "My Creative Mommy."
I'm a Jersey girl, married, and blessed with two precious children who are my world.
In addition to paper crafting Carole enjoys a variety of handcrafts and fiber arts, including needlepoint, crewel, knitting, crocheting, beadwork, and lacemaking. She regularly travels abroad to study the dying art of handmade bobbin lace. She incorporates mixed media techniques to create unique jewelry and paper art pieces. Carole holds Tombow Techniques Basics certification. Her design team membership include Sakura Hobby Crafts (Apr-Sep 2011), Amazing Mold Putty (Oct 2011-Mar 2012), and The Robin's Nest (Jan-Jun 2012). Her favorite food is sushi, especially sea urchin. “I think any piece of raw seafood on a pillow of rice would delight me.”

Sherri Welser is owner of~ IndigoEarth~ Artisan Studio and Wild Heart Art  in Upstate NY and enjoys creating unique artisan jewlery and mixed media. She recently has had her jewelry pieces featured in Bead Trends Magazine March and May 2012 issues  as well as being featured in  upcoming issues of Bead  Trends(August and October 2012). She has been a Guest designer for Art Glitter Institute this past spring and is currently on the Connie Crystal Design team. She offers workshops  and enjoys sharing her knowledge and creative energy with others !


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