Friday, January 31, 2014

Woven Hearts Card

Hi! Today I would like to tell you about my first project/post as a brand new design team member.
List of supplies used today are:
First,I prepared my flowers and leaves in the microfleur flower press quick and easy. I placed my flowers and leaves into the press and microwaved them..

I was amazed how easy it was to make paper with the Arnold Grummer Paper Making kit.
I followed the simple directions of making pulp in the blender and pouring into the casting mold.
Just before I lifted out the paper I set in some leaves, fuzzy stuff off the trees from my morning walk and whalla! Awesome textured, colored paper.

I cut the paper with a Tim Holtz Ornate Die Shape and adhered it to my corrugated cardboard that I painted with white gesso. I ran this through my embossing machine with an embossing folder.
I made a woven hearts celtic knot symbol by putting my freshly made pulp onto a terracotta mold and pressing firmly to release the water and that was it! My instructional DVD that came with my kit was so easy to follow - my children wanted to make some!
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paper Casting on a Card

For this weeks project for the Arnold Grummer Blog, I decided to pull out my paper casting supplies.  With the weather outside being extremely cold and snowy, my eye turned to the flower molds to take my mind off the weather outside.

Making paper castings are fun and easy with the use of Arnold Grummer's Cotton Linter Casting Squares.  I used five or six of linter squares for the castings that I made. I made three castings from the two flower molds I chose to use. The look of the castings can be slightly altered by how you finish the outer edge. For one casting, I carefully pulled the outer edge with the tip of a toothpick to feather the edges after removing the casting from the mold before drying it completely.  Another was left to dry without touching the edges.  The third trimmed by cutting once it was completely dried.  To dry the castings, I placed them on parchment paper lined cookie sheet.  I placed them in the oven that was heated to 200 degrees for 15 minutes.  Then I turned off the oven and left them in the oven for and additional 15 minutes.  NOTE:  There are other methods to dry the castings.  I have used the microwave in the past, following directions given for that process, with great results.  Simply drying naturally works well too.

Three castings with another flower mold
To create this card I chose to color the casting. Castings can be colored with a variety of things like chalks, mica powders and paints. When coloring them with paints the main thing to remember is not to use too much water.  Use a light touch when coloring with any medium.  I chose to use Ranger's Perfect Pearls to add color. The powders mix easily with water to create a shimmery paint.  The edge was painted with a little of clear iridescent glitter glue.  The center area was coated with Ranger's Glossy Accents to give the casting a glazed look.  NOTE: The castings can be left natural without coloring.

I cut a background layer of printed paper and trimmed the edge with decorative scissors. This paper was glued to a white blank card.  I added a strip of torn coordinating fabric was added.  Another coordinating solid paper was cut for another layer, making it large enough to add the casting onto it.  On a strip of white paper, I stamped a verse to state my wish and glued it onto the card top.  NOTE: The stamped verse can be added to the inside if desired.

Wishing you a Happy Day!

Be back in two weeks with another project.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Year of the Horse 2014 - ATC

Hi all Debbie Buckland here again…

Did you know that the Chinese new year in 2014 is the Year of the Horse?
I love the Chinese ink paintings - very fascinated with them and i have an old love to original concept of Artist Trading Cards (ATC) - which were paintings now they have evolved into other forms of art like collage and mini scrapbook pages. They are art on a 2.5 x 3.5" pieces of card.

The perfect envelope that these can be posted in is in the #375 Medium Template collection pack:
This is also sold separately as  #354 invitation and thank you card

When I was making my sheets of paper I used the template in the frame so when the paper was made it was instantly that shape - no cutting or measurements needed!

I also cut my ATC card from some thick card I recycled from a cereal box.

The easy fold guide was used with a bone folder to get crisp folds once the paper was dry and I started decorating…
The pocket had to be made first of course… That is about 1/4 inch smaller than the bottom folded panel but large enough to accommodate the ATC

Just like this (sorry no measurements as I tend to eyeball everything)

I then use my versa mark pad to ink the
edges of my ATC and envelope with gold and heat emboss.

I also then use gesso to prep the front of my ATC for my artwork.

I then stamped up the front of the envelope…

Then I decorated the pocket then inside of envelope and stuck the pocket into the envelope. By putting double sided tape on three edges.

this is the envelope folded up back view
(sorry can't show you my address )

- Sealing the envelope: all I did was put double sided tape under the flap leaving the sides open.

This is the front view ready for the address to the recipient…

and this is my ATC that is enclosed:
On the back of the ATC has
Title of the art work: Asian Style Horse
Mediums used: fabercastell pitt artist pen and copic C7
Who drew it: Me
Description: year of the horse is 2014
My blog:

So Yea I have tried sticking to the look and feel of Chinese art. Hope I succeeded. ;)
Well thats all from me for now….
Have a fab time making your ATC's and posting them to friends randomly like I do…

All the best
Debbie B

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Old Fashion Valentines with Handmade Paper!

It is getting close to Valentine's Day!  Soon you will be sending a card, gift or both to loved ones.  Make an old fashioned Valentine with your own handmade papers to make it very special.
For the Valentines here I used the Arnold Grummer's Heart Template and the Envelope Template from the Cards and Tags Template Collection.
I stared with scraps of colored paper, if you are like me you have tons of scraps of paper.  For this project I used papers that were solid (nothing with a white core).  
Be sure to follow the directions in your kit or Basic Paper Making video!
Using the Papermill Complete Kit you can see the template for the heart card in the water ready for the pulp to be poured in. 
I also cast some flowers and birds in silicone molds I have. Check out what you might have around the house that you could use to cast your paper pulp in. Use the Arnold Grummer's Strainer to drain water.  The strainer is made to sit on a jar, bowl or the blender. Casting paper is fun!!! 

Once my paper was dry I used my Scor Buddy to get nice creases on the envelope template.
On the outside I used a doily and a fussy cut image from an Altere Pages collage sheet.
On the inside is another doily layered with another Altered Pages image and yellow paper cast flowers! 

Again I used my Scor Buddy, this time on the heart card to get a nice crease.
With a white pen, add dots around the edge of the card. Glue a white doily and layer with a red heart cut from a larger doily. Add a paper cast tea cup made with the Cup 'O Tea mold and red paper cast bird made with my silicone mold. The tea cup is painted with Pearlescent Watercolors, making sure not to get the brush too wet. TIP: When painting on cast paper I tap the wet brush on a paper towel before painting the cast paper!
Inside the card is an image from Altered Pages, "You suit me to a TEA Valentine!"
I had a lot of fun making all my paper projects today.  My favorite part of the pour method is there is little waste. All the pulp I used was made into paper, what little left overs I had I cast!  Don’t pour water with fibers in it down your sink drain. This can impair, or even stop, sink drainage.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Hearts of Gold

Share the love with someone special this February by creating this Hearts of Gold gift tag to include with that special little surprise gift or tie it around his or her favorite glass to bring a smile to the one you love. 

The tag was created by making paper pulp according to the basic instructions.  The color was achieved by adding some leftover red tissue paper that I had from our Christmas gifts.  I just kept adding it until I reached the color I wanted.  Some of the pieces didn't mix completely in and created red dots throughout the paper which added a nice look to the paper.  The tag was made by pouring the pulp into the tag template and finished according to the instructions for making a piece of paper.  A few weeks ago, I had made some extra sheets of paper using my Papermill Kit so I dug into my stash for a sheet to punch the hearts from.  This was a sheet of tea dyed paper that I had added some gold dust to when I created the sheet of paper.  The gold in the paper really made these hearts stand out. 

Show your love for someone this Valentine's Day by creating a special tag from handmade paper.  The extra time it takes to create this special piece will add to the love of the day. 


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Monday, January 13, 2014

Starting off and having fun!

Hello everyone. My name is Debbie Buckland and I am from New Zealand.
I am so excited to be on the Arnold Grummer's Design Team!

Well I haven't made paper since before I was married! I think I was still living at home with Mum and Dad as I remember mum complaining there was paper drying everywhere around the house…. LOL

Well now I'm annoying my hubby thanks to the Arnold Gummer team! he he
I have 7 months to go and I will have my own craft room to work in but until then I am working in the kitchen.

I started off opening the Paper Mill Complete Paper Making Kit #301 (Pour Method kit) and watching the DVD provided. (not pictured)
and then bought a Blender specifically for the purpose of making paper and a bin. (all on sale of course)
Next I followed all instructions that were included and made my very first sheet of paper with used laser printed paper using the pour method… previously I only had ever used the dip method. And the results are so much less messy. ;)

I actually enlisted my 9yr old daughter to make paper too… so here are some shots of her in action…

The couch (kooch) sheets were the only things that are lying around the house drying…

as most of the paper that was made - was drying in the Field, flower and paper press #395  provided in the DT kit - following instructions with that, and the warm weather, we are currently having in New Zealand (its summer here) it only took from lunch time till over night to dry the paper.
These are the papers we made with the kits.
We recycled cereal box cardboard, news paper, laser printed white paper, blue lined school book paper, and wrapping paper left over from Christmas. So much fun!

My kids painted on their sheets of paper:
 This is by my daughter Mishael (bunny, buzzybee, and butterfly)
acrylic paint
this is by my son Ethan (See through Zombies)
acrylic paint

and got some great shapes.. without cutting them! all I did is used the templates while making the paper. Awesome aye.
Well as an artist and crafter I had to know how all my art mediums work on these papers…   so the natural thing for me to do is start my swatch book…

So now I know how all my mediums work…
I tested: Paper hand punch (hole), Ball point Pen, Stampin up ink pads (stamped with open/block stamps and waterbrush technique), copic markers (dark to light), Gelatos (smudged and water added), Acrylic paint, watercolour pencils with water added, and Archival ink pad.

I have added nothing to the papers at this stage. No additives its just straight paper in the blender then papers made. I am guessing the additives will help with the papers feel when drawing on them…i hope. Only one more paper type that I have to recycle, to try out…. scrapbook paper. Its a big part of my paper waste so I really need to make some sheets up and see how they pan out too.
Keeping in mind - results may vary between people making the papers. ;)

Thanks so much for reading this blog post and seeing my excitement of my new journey with this great tool for recycling and having fun.

See you again soon
All the best
Debbie Buckland
Artist, crafter and general nutter ;)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Creating With Handmade Papers

This is my first post for the Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Blog.  I will be posting a project the second and fourth Monday of the month from now through June.  Just a little information before discribing the project I have to share.  I would consider myself very fortunate to have had a little history with the Grummer Family.  Several years ago I was very happy to work at a CHA show with the Grummer Family in their booth demonstrating paper casting along side Arnold himself showing the wonders of making your own paper.  It was a delightful experience to work for them and with them. Learning how to cast paper and make sheets was fun and I used both forms in design work and personal projects through the years.
I am so very happy to have reconnected with Kim and Greg and to help share ideas for paper making and paper casting.  My hope is that the projects I create will give you the desire to try your hand with this medium or help you think "out side the box" with what you can do when making handmade sheets and casting of paper.

While considering an idea to share, I went through my stash of handmade paper supplies.  There I found several samples, that I made a while back, just playing around with different inclusions and seeing what results I would get.  That is where I started this little project.  Handmade papers are unique and beautiful on their own, but, I have this tendency to play around and experiment with other things I love to work with and see what happens.

Starting with three different papers, I then used inks, paints and cutting dies and embossing folders to cover a plain paper mache box to make a one of a kind container.  Using two of the plain sheets of paper I used embossing folders by Sizzix to make the impressions.  Then I lightly applied Ranger Distress Inks in different colors to the flowered sheet to make the design stand out.  The handmade papers made nice embossed designs.

I then took another sample and brushed it with green inks and spritzed it lightly with water to made the inks bleed together. (NOTE: I used a small mister to spritz on water and then dryed the paper by pressing with a craft iron. It is important to use water sparingly in this process so not to make the papers fall apart.)  Leaves were die-cut.  The edges of the leaves were highlighted by applying a darker shape of green to the leaf shapes.

To create the flowers, I used the lavender tinted papers.  Again two colors of Distress Inks were applied with a foam applicator randomly to the papers.  Here I took some Distress Paints and spritzed them with water to thin them out.  Using a foam applicator and a tapping motion, the paints were applied randomly also.  The water thinned paints caused the inks and paints to mix together, giving the paper a mottled affect.  (NOTE: The dampened papers with need to be dryed using the same method as mentioned above.)  Flowers are die-cut from these papers and the edges are also highlighted with ink.

Strips were cut from the "dot" embossed papers for the bottom of the container and applied with glue. A circle for the top was cut from the "flowery" embossed paper and glued to the top cover.  A length of decorative trim was glued around the edge of the lid.  Put the flowers together with paper brads.  Glue the flowers to the lid in any desired arrangement, add a button or other embellishment to the center of each and finish by glueing the leaves into place around the flowers.

I feel that the embossing, inking and painting added some nice affects to the paper, while still allowing the textures and inclusions and base color of each paper to show through.

What better way to give a gift to someone you care about then by creating a special container!

NOTE:  I saved all the small leftover pieces for another time of mixing up some pulp for more sheets of paper.  You never know what it could create!

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