Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Invitation Made with Handmade Paper

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What could be more special than an invitation made with handmade paper? A special invitation for a special occasion.

The base of this invitation and the heart are handmade paper using the techniques shown here. I used Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Kit to make these papers. The base paper was tinted with tissue tints. The heart was colored with the same tissue tints with Angel Wings Botanicals inclusions added.

I transformed the heart into resin paper. Here are the instructions for making your own resin paper.

I attached the resin paper heart to the lower corner of the base piece, and printed the invitation on vellum.I attached the vellum with Great Tape from USArtQuest. I particularly like to use Great Tape when working with vellum because it doesn't leave a shadow and show through the vellum—it is complete undetectable.

After the vellum was attached, I threaded ribbon through two holes that I pierced at the top of the invitation. I think this is an elegant way to issue an invitation!!

You can see more projects on my Create & Craft blog.
Arnold Grummer's May sale—20% off everything!! Use code: SpringXX. 
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Make Your Own Seed Packets

Nothing brings out our inner gardener like springtime. And whether you're planting acres, or just putting a tomato in a bucket, it's all joy. Once you have consumed your glorious bounty, you can save the seeds for next year. And have I got the perfect place to put them : )
Making your own seed packets is a fun and easy project for kids and adults alike. Making your own seed packets with handmade paper is not only practical, but you can turn your seed packets into fabulous gifts. Stack four or five together, tie them with a pretty ribbon, raffia or baling twine and you've got Mother's Day knocked out. If you're feeling ambitious, make up salad packs, or herb garden packs and sell them online as wedding favors. 
As luck would have it, Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kits & Supplies is offering 20% off during the month of April and all you have to do is use this code at checkout "APRIL20."

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • Handmade Paper using either Arnold Grummer's PaperMill Complete Kit, or Arnold Grummer's PaperMill Pro Kit.
  • Elmer's Glue Stick
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Embellishments like Arnold Grummer's Botanicals, stamps, ink, ribbons, stickers etc.

You will need a seed packet template, and there are lots of them online. Here's a link to the one I used, which worked great. http://www.finegardening.com/how-to/articles/make-your-own-seed-packets.aspx

Here we go.
Print out your seed packet template, cut it out and place it on your paper.
Using a pencil, trace around the edges of the template, then remove the template from your paper.
Now carefully cut out the template following closely to the line you just traced.
On the wrong side of the paper, lightly copy the letters A, B, C, and D from the template to the corresponding flaps on your handmade paper.
Fold over the large "A" flap.
Then glue flap B down.
Then glue flap C down.
With that, your seed packet should look like this, with only flap D left unglued.
Before you fill your packet, write any seed or planting information you would like to include on the back. Embellish, fill with seeds, glue down flap D and your finished!

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There are about 196 countries in the world, and my goal is to take the whole world on a creative journey one project at a time. So I want to offer many thanks to all my readers in nearly 100 different countries so far. I hope this blog post finds each of you living peacefully in safety. 

Many Blessings,
Jana : )

Monday, April 15, 2013

Textured Background

Hi everyone Monica here and I want to share a tag I made with a textured background.  I grinded up some papers the same I would if U were to make some paper but instead of making the paper I let the pulp dry and used some modge podge and layered it on a tag for a awesome textured background.

After I layed all the paper down I sprayed it withe glimmer mist
 Then i took some distress ink for the edges and rubbed it over the top
 This is the end look
 Side angle look you can see all the different layers 
 Finished tag

Hope everyone enjoyed my piece.  Be sure to check out my blog for some tutorials: Simply Monica

"Life Happens..... Smile! "Arnold Grummer Design Team Post-April

"Life Happens... Smile"

A funny thing happened on the way to creating this project! It got ugly... I had this great idea I wanted to try~  using embossing powders on the handmade papers created with Arnold Grummer's Handmade Paper kit and unfortunately, it didn't turn out the way I had hoped. The paper was just too porous to get a good shiny embossed finish. So.... I improvised and how funny that the "cover up" I chose turned out to be just what the situation  at hand was! "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans"... It couldn't have been more perfect for this project! Allot times as artists, we might have a plan in mind but because of one thing or another,it changes into something more interesting and unique ~ even better than you might have planned! So I have just learned to go with the flow and let creativity take over and lead me wherever! Art should be fun.. not stiff and try  not to be attached to the end result.. its way more fun that way!!

For this card project I started out with a square of handmade paper  I had created with Arnold Grummer's Paper Making kit and used my Bigkick for embossing the paper.

 If you have seen my recent design posts you will realize that I have thoroughly enjoyed using it!! So I embossed the handmade paper with a background design and my thought was to experiment with embossing powders on it. That didn't work well so I then looked for a focal piece to cover up the area that I didn't want showing. I also added rub-ons down each side.
 I had created some fun  artsy cards using small playing cards that I had applied to collage papers then used gesso over it and when dried... stamped,painted and doodled on them.

   I was so happy I found them again and decided to use a large piece for a background and then add the small card with a stamped saying off to the side. I  then mod podged all to the handmade paper card.

At this point I just fine tuned ...outlining in big brush pens, paints dots, Pitt pens and  then added a pretty little butterfly!

 I was very happy with life's alternate plan:) Below is the supply list:


A card size piece of handmade paper and collage paper for backing
Embossing folder of choice
Embossing machine ( I have a Bigkick)
Small cards that have been backed with collage papers and designed with paints,markers,stamps ect
Mod podge
Big brushes 
Assorted paints
Pitt Pen in black
Metal focal butterfly

If you have never created your own handmade papers with beautiful botanicals,glitter,mica and specialty papers... you are in for a treat!!  It is so very easy ~I love all of Arnold Grummer's items for making my own beautiful and unique papers!! And don't forget FREE Shipping over 75.00!!

Have fun and enjoy the creative process... Wherever it may take you!!
~In love and Faith~

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birds on a Wire: Handmade Resin Paper

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The birds in this piece are all rescue birds!! All of these birds were made from scraps that any normal crafter would have discarded. I rescued them from the trash bin and a life spent in a landfill. I never throw away ANY of my handmade paper—no matter how small the scrap.

The papers were handmade using Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit and  following these basic directions. The birds and their wings were cut with the Sizzix Tim Holtz Caged Bird die.

Making resin paper is easy, but definitely requires some advance work station preparation. Cover your entire work surface with plastic trash bags. Next, cover a cookie sheet with food storage bags. Strive for a flat, wrinkle-free surface. (NOTE: I used plastic film and it wasn't strong enough. Not a tragedy, but next time, I'll use the food storage bags.)

Assemble your supplies—Amazing Clear Cast, measuring and mixing containers, stir stick, sponge brush, rubber gloves. I worked on a teflon craft mat on top of the trash bags. Excess resin easily wipes off the teflon mat, or peels off when it sets. Everything else is disposed of when you're finished with the project. Just wrap it all up in the trash bag and toss.

Birds and wings aren't assembled yet. Mix equal parts of A and B Amazing Clear Cast according to package directions. Using the sponge brush, coat first one side of the bird or wing, then the other with a generous layer of clear resin. Lay on the lined cookie sheet to dry—12 to 24 hours.

The finished resin birds are strong, yet flexible, and have a glossy finish. And, the resin intensives the color of the original paper.
Brown Bird
Brown bird with wing attached and eyelet set
Time to assemble the flock. I gently shaped the wings by curling them around a stylus so they created a three dimensional effect and  stood out from the bird's body. I glued only the wide end to the bird, leaving the tip free. Next, I used my Crop-a-dile to pierce a hole in the bird and set an eyelet.

Finished Birds
Completed resin paper birds
The base for the hanging is bamboo skewer covered with a length of coiled brass wire. Last bit of assembly was to attach jump rings and jewelry chain to each bird and attach to the wired skewer. The ends of the brass covered skewer were capped with beads from my stash.

Finished Birds on a Wire
Finished Birds on a Wire
I love my rescued birds!! They will bring a hint of spring for many years to come.
Arnold Grummer's April sale—20% off everything!! Use code: April 20. 

You can see more of my projects on the Create & Craft blog.
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