Friday, November 30, 2012

~Its All About the Little Things at ChristmasTime~

Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year and sometimes we forget just how special the" little thing"s really are and how they really can make a difference. I have chosen this simple but elegant project as many of us don't have allot of time to add special touches to our gifts, but how it really makes such a pretty statement!


Handmade Holiday papers using Arnold Grummers Paper Making kits
Mod Podge
Manila Tags
Holiday Stamps
Ink Pad
Acrylic Paint

1)I had pre-made holiday handmade papers,  I then cut  them to about 3/4" larger than the tag itself .I ripped mine to give it a more free form edge
2) Stamped the holiday design on my tag
3) I embellished the tag with a small amounts of paint to highlight the greenery and berries on the stamp.
4) I then used a forest green ink pad to apply a more distressed look to the edges of the tag.
4) Using Mod Podge apply the back of the manila tag to the handmade paper rectangle leaving an even border around the tag.
5) To create the pretty border of glitter I dumped out into a straight line, both the Mod Podge and the gold glitter.
6) For the last step I dipped each of the  sides edges in mod podge followed by the glitter.
7) Add a pretty ribbon

You now have a beautiful  elegant looking gift tag that was easy and fun!!

~Enjoy this beautiful time of the year with Family and friends~

"Seasons Greetings"

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Walk in the Woods Advent Calendar

With thick, layered handmade papers, you can create a charming and personal advent calender. The images on this calender are all color copies of my own artwork. For your own tiny pictures try reduced color copies of photographs, magazine images, children's artwork, postage stamps, rubber stamps, wrapping paper . . .

I made the calendar by layering three kinds of white paper onto a large blue sheet, made in the large pour mold.

A partial sheet of white paper, made with printed paper makes the snow.
White pulp from clean white paper for the three birch trees.

For the pine, I made several small sections
using the curve in a cookie cutter, then layered
the sections to form a tree.

For the snow covered pine, I added glitter to whte pulp.

I tried to cut around the images, so the doors are not uniforn.

The mumbers are made with stamps.

I used reduced color copies of artwork for the little picutres.

Happy Holidays!

Gilded Mini ZigZag Booklets

Thanksgiving is just past, and I'm moving on to Christmas. I made these two booklets using Arnold Grummer's mini zigzag books to give as greeting cards.

For cover of the booklet on the right, I paired USArtQuest's Duo Adhesive and Arnold Grummer's Gold Dust particles. I daubed a foam wedge in the Duo and pounced it randomly on the surface of the brown handmade paper. The Duo goes on as a white liquid and is effective when it dries clear and tacky. When the Duo was dry, I liberally sprinkled the surface with the Gold Dust particles. Next, I used a textured sponge to remove the excess Gold Dust, leaving a beautiful, randomly gilded cover.
Close up of Gold Gilded ZigZig Booklet
I embellished each cover with snowflakes punched from handmade paper. A rhinestone in the center of each snowflake adds just the right touch of bling.

The inside of the blue snowflake booklet was also done with Duo and Gold Dust, but this time I used the Duo with rubber stamps, using the Duo in place of ink.
Inside Sentiment of ZigZag Booklet with Blue Snowflake Cover
 The inside of the gilded cover booklet was done with rub-ons.
Inside Sentiment of ZigZag Booklet with Gilded Cover
I'm thrilled with the combination of Arnold Grummer's metallic additives—they come in copper and silver as well as the gold—and Duo Adhesive.

You can see more projects on my Create & Craft blog.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Handmade Paper Gift Card Holder

I am half way through my six month commitment with the Arnold Grummer Design Team and I'm loving every minute of it. The products are awesome, the folks at Arnold Grummer are super nice and supportive, and working in a design team has really helped me grow as a creative person. I hope when Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Kits & Supplies are ready to do their next design team call, some of you will consider submitting an application. 

Here are the materials you'll need to make a Handmade Paper Gift Card Holder:

  • 4 sheets of gorgeous 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch handmade paper
  • Template - I'm using a mitten, but a Christmas stocking, snowman, or Christmas tree would look great too!
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Sharp sewing needle
  • Embroidery thread 
  • Gift card
Begin by tracing the template onto the paper of your choice.

Then cut out the pieces of your gift card holder.

Now place your mittens one on top of the other. I chose to use an awl to pre-punch the holes for sewing because handmade paper is very strong and my fingers weren't up to pushing that needle through two pieces of it. 
Use a whip stitch all the way around the outside of the mitten.

When you're finished sewing, you can glue the white collar of your mitten to the top of the mitten. Then punch a hole in the corner, lace some ribbon through it and insert your gift card! 
The gift card fits completely into the Handmade Paper Gift Card Holder, I kept it out a bit so you could see how it looks in the picture : )

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I want to wish everyone a super Happy Thanksgiving from my family to all of you Arnold Grummer fans.  In a few hours I will be stuffing my face with turkey, homemade pie, and my dad's yummy cornbread dressing!! I can not wait....  For the Arnold Grummer Design Team Hop I made a whole book of papers and covered the front with leaves I picked up walking.  All the paper inside was handmade in my blender with the Arnold Grummer kit, but this is not my project for today.  

I made a layout and used the papers I made to construct some of the flowers.  At first, I was not sure how it would hold up but it worked out perfectly.  For whatever reason the papers take on sprays and inks well.  I made the brown and blue colored flowers with the papers.  So if there are any flower lovers making your paper for your flowers is perfect almost like mulberry paper!! Definitely the way to go.

This is the book I made from a previous post

These are the paper from the book

And here is the layout I made and my handmade flowers.  Everyone should really give this a try!!  This a November kit from the Flying Unicorn and various pieces from it.

 This is the handmade paper flowers
 this is the other handmade paper flower

Smile by Monica Edwards Supplies Patterned paper: Flying Unicorn; Paper: Arnold Grummer; Flowers: Kaisercraft, Handmade; Dies: Heartfelt Creations:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Winners From our Blog Hop

First off we would love to thank each of you for checking 
out our very first blog hop.
Our team has a blast and we hope you continue to
visit our blog.
Now it's time to give away two prizes
Rhonda Helm - Winner of Skelolon Leaves     

Mel - Winner of the Flowers

Please email
Terri Sproul with Winner in the Regards
to claim your prize

Thanks for visiting...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Handmade Christmas Card

It's never too early to make Christmas Cards.  I love making and sending homemade cards, and it's always a great project to do with the kids.
Here is one of my recent creations.

Items Used:
Brown Craft Paper
Scrap Paper
Scrapbook Paper 
Hole Punch
Glitter Glue
White Glue
Glue Stick
Colored Fine Tip Markers
3D Fabric Paint

For the card itself I used a piece of paper I made using brown craft paper, Multicolored Angel Wings, and Gold Dust.  The paper I used for the tree is made from some scrap paper and The Multicolored Angel Wings.  I first attached the tree to the card with a glue stick.  Then I added the decorations made from the scrapbook paper and ribbon using white glue.  I topped the tree with a gold star.  At the bottom I added some presents using scrapbook paper and 3D fabric paint and a tree skirt made from embossed scrapbook paper.  i attached those with the glue stick.

On  the inside I added a handwritten greeting and some presents using scrapbook paper and colored fine tip markers.

 Don't forget to visit Arnold Grummer's Design Team Blog to see all of the great projects by all of the Design Team Members.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BLOG HOP!!!!!!

We are so excited to have our very first Blog HOP!
Our Design Team has been working hard to
bring you a Holiday Project.

Do you want some BLOG CANDY?
we have some for you
all you need to do is
leave a comment on all the blogs,
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tell us which one was your favorite.
It's that easy and you are enter to win 

Skeleton Leaves
Our Design Team is make project just for you to see, so stop by here to check them out.
Here is a complete list of the hop with link all of their blogs

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inside Outside Paper Gift Box

You know I love to cover everything with newly-made paper. Even more fun is the un-covering. Handmade paper holds its shape beautifully. Here I've covered the insides and the outsides of several straight sided containers to make little lidded boxes. Enjoy!

It takes about two small sheets of newly made paper (I use the medium pour mold) to cover one of these boxes. For the round canisters, I used a 28 ounce can, for the square boxes a half-gallon juice carton.

The wetter the paper, the better it will adhere to the container and to other sheets of paper.

For the round canister, start by makig a disc of pulp that will act as the bottom of the "inside" canister. Make the disc by using a second 28 ounce can that has both ends removed. Place the can on the black screen, set on top of the large white plastic pour mold grid, place all of this on a tray. Pour the pulp into the can, remove the can and sponge the pulp disc. Set aside.

Make two sheets of paper using the medium pour mold. Since you want both sheets to be the same color, mix the pulp in two batches, but combine them in one pitcher, then pour half the pulp for each sheet.
Make a fold on the long edge of the wet sheet, about half an inch, then loosely roll the sheet and put it into the inside of the can with the folded lip on the bottom edge, where the side meets the bottom. Once you have the sheet in place on the side of the can, unfold the half-inch lip, so that it is on the bottom of the can.

Take the second sheet of paper and see how much you will need to cover the rest of the side of the can. Gently tear off the right size piece, fold the bottom of the sheet, like the first sheet. Place the second sheet inside the can, unfolding the bottom edge. Made sure the sheets overlap and press them firmly tother, so that they adhere to eachother and form one peice.

Now take the disc of pulp and place it in the bottom of the can. Press it firmly into the little folded edges that are under it.

Let the paper dry completely. It might take all day. Take a long, thin knife or spatula and unstick the paper from the can. Make sure you reach all the way to the bottom. Gently tease the paper canister out of the can by pressing your thumbs on the inside of the can and your fingers on the outside and pushing the paper upward. If you try to grip the top of the paper and pull it out, it will rip.

Once you have removed the "inside" of the canister, cover the outside using the same technique of folding up about a half inch of the sheet of paper, wrapping the sheet around the outside of the can, then unfolding the half-inch lip onto the bottom of the can. Again, tear off enough of a second sheet of paper to complete the wrap. Make another disc of paper pulp and place it on the bottom of the can, pressing it firmly into the little edges that you folded out onto the bottom.

When the paper is dry, run a knife or thin spatula between the paper and the can. Gently push the paper upward untill it slides off the can.


The square boxes are made the same way. Instead of a pouring pulp into a can and making a disc, you can tear a square of paper from the wet sheet. Make it slightly smaller than the bottom of the box.

To make that cut-out shapes in the box lids, place a "block" in the pour mold before pouing in the pulp. Leave it there while you drain the pulp and do the initial sponging. For the Christmas Tree and the leaf cut-outs, I used cookie cutters for the block. For the circles, I used coins.

Place a "block" in the pour mold to make a cut-out.

Leave the block in place while you drain and sponge the sheet.

Voila! A cut-out.

Now for the best part. What to put inside. I vote for truffles.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Handmade Paper Table Setting

It's definitely holiday season, and I'm thinking about all the great family dinners that we'll be having. I wanted to create something special for our Thanksgiving table, and handmade paper is always special. Here's what I created.

I embossed a sheet of paper that I made using Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Kit and the basic directions shown in the top navigation of this blog. I embossed this with a leaves and branches embossing folder. I was amazed how well the handmade paper embossed!! I scored the sheet into thirds to make a pocket. 

Next, I cut the bird and bird cage from other pieces of handmade paper using Sissix Caged Bird die. I assembled these pieces and used a liquid quick drying adhesive to glue them to the pocket.

For the napkin holder, I cut two slits in the bird's body, threaded a piece of ribbon through the slits, and glued the wing on top to hide the slits. I tied the ribbon with a bow on the under side of the napkin.

Can't wait to use these on my Thanksgiving table. Now I just need to get the turkey!! You can see more projects on my Create & Craft blog.